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How F&A innovators connect to transform the business of food

DLL supplied equipment Introduced through Foodbytes

Introduced through Foodbytes, DLL supplied equipment that helped increase production by over 1000% in 18 months and vastly improve product quality.

Meet Great Wrap a material science company

Meet Great Wrap, a material science company making compostable stretch wrap with food waste.

Foodbytes is a new online connection hub for forward-looking startups, corporates and investors pioneering sustainable food and agriculture solutions.


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How does it work?

At its heart, the Foodbytes hub efficiently connects the global innovators transforming the business of food. For startups, Foodbytes is the entry point into Rabobank’s network, providing continuous exposure to potential partners and investors.

Startups submit a profile, including pitch decks, founder videos and current needs. Once vetted by the Foodbytes team, startup profiles are published, allowing investors and corporates to discover the innovators most aligned with their goals and start collaborating.

Beyond the core connection hub, Foodbytes delivers regular content and trend analysis across the F&A sector, providing invaluable insights on sustainable innovation and the future of food.


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Discover startups

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Connect with matching like-minded innovators and begin growing a more sustainable future.

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