FoodBytes! is all about giving new, cutting-edge food and ag startups the connections to help take their businesses to the next level. In an effort to continue supporting and telling the stories of these companies, we’re welcoming two of our esteemed, Colorado-based alumni to share where their businesses are now with the  FoodBytes! Boulder audience on Wednesday, October 26. Nick Fereday, Rabobank’s Executive Director – Consumer Foods, will moderate this panel discussion.

Boulder-based Love The Wild produces frozen meals with sustainable seafood, helping families eat healthier while protecting our oceans. Denver-based MycoTechnology aims to disrupt food manufacturing with its mushroom-derived powder that blocks bitterness in food and could reduce sugar content by up to 90%.

We caught up with Love The Wild co-founder Jacqueline Claudia and MycoTechnology corporate controller Jonathan Jachimiec in Boulder over the summer to discuss how FoodBytes! helped them grow their businesses, as well as their advice for the pitch companies and for people thinking about attending. MycoTechnology has tripled its team since pitching at FoodBytes! San Francisco in 2015, and Love The Wild calls FoodBytes! a “first class event” and the best startup competition they’ve attended globally.

Check out our interviews below and grab your ticket to FoodBytes! Boulder to meet them and hear the discussion!


FoodBytes!: What are you looking forward to most about being a part of FoodBytes! Boulder?  

Jonathan Jachimiec: First off, it’s great to be back! FoodBytes is an excellent place to see new ideas from so many talented companies. It’s always great to see emerging technologies and trends presented at FoodBytes and we are excited to be a part of it.

Jacqueline Claudia: As an entrepreneur, one of the things I am looking forward to is really showing companies what’s possible if you give it your all and make the most of the opportunities provided. We have certainly tried to do that and it’s had a huge paid off for our business. We’ll be updating folks on our growth plans, our product line extensions and some exciting announcements we have in the supply chain.

FB!: What exciting updates can you share about your companies since you pitched at FoodBytes!?

JJ: Our team has almost tripled to 25 and we are in the process of rolling out our next product. Stay tuned!

JC: Well, we have been going a little crazy – our growth has been phenomenal and definitely more than what we anticipated. Through our experience at FoodBytes! we’ve gotten ourselves on the radar of folks we didn’t think we would be able to meet at this point in our development. It’s been incredibly positive.

FB!: What do you think makes Boulder such a great place for food and ag startups?

JJ: The vibe in Boulder just screams active lifestyle! The city is also super health conscious, so when you live here you don’t have go out of your way to think and eat healthy. On top of that, the Front Range is also home to many large food companies. All these things combined make the area a perfect place to start up a health conscious food and ag business!

JC: I think FoodBytes! is really a great addition to Boulder. Boulder has always had a really incredible supportive community with a lot of experience, but sometimes bringing in fresh ideas from the outside and fresh people to Boulder to see what’s going on is just what we need. I think FoodBytes! will really kick Boulder’s startup scene up a notch.

FB!:  Why should people attend FoodBytes! Boulder?

JJ: We have made so many great connections by attending FoodBytes! events. You definitely don’t want to miss out on meeting someone who may be your next big investor.

JC: Well, it’s a first class event. I have been to startup competitions around the world and this is by far one of the best. The caliber of people that it brings together and the types of conversations that you can have there is superior – I would absolutely not miss it.

FB!: Any advice for the companies pitching at FoodBytes! Boulder? Any tips on what worked or didn’t work for you or thoughts on calming their nerves before pitching?

JJ: Relax! You are in good company. FoodBytes! is a community of people willing to help each other, so don’t stress over the small details.

JC: You’re in good hands! The FoodBytes! team will take good care of you and make sure that you’re well prepared to do a good job. You’re also going to be talking to a group of foodies and people who love young companies and want to see you succeed. Just give it your best shot!


Want to join us at FoodBytes! Boulder? Grab your ticket today to see the most cutting-edge startups in food & ag tech!

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