Why ADM participates in FoodBytes!

Stephanie Edgecombe, Customer Experience Marketing Manager, ADM

The ADM team had a blast at FoodBytes! NYC last week. As we reflect on our previous involvement with FoodBytes! in New York, Boulder and San Francisco, we remember the great products we tasted, the driven and inspiring entrepreneurs we met and the rousing spirit of those gathered to push the limits for food and ag. We also recalled a question that we were asked at seemingly every turn by participants, “Why is ADM here?”

So, why does ADM—a global food ingredient supplier—sponsor FoodBytes!? Fair question.

#1: We get closer to what’s up and coming for food and ag.

We know food and beverage, we understand consumer attitudes and perceptions and most importantly we know what it takes to create great-tasting products that consumers love. However, it’s no secret that the food and ag industries are changing, and newer brands and products are making a notable impact on markets that were previously dominated by larger companies with access to more resources. Through active involvement with FoodBytes!, ADM stays close to the inspiration and insights driving change within food and ag innovation—both of which are near and dear to our business.

#2: We learn how to be even better partners.

By participating in FoodBytes!, we have an opportunity to continue to stay on the front end of entrepreneurship—making us better innovation, ingredient, product development and commercialization partners.

On the surface, we may seem like just an agricultural processor and ingredient supplier, but at the core, we are so much more. We are as much an entrepreneurial company founded on the spirit of innovation, inventiveness and creativity. At each and every interaction with FoodBytes!, we learn a bit more about how we can improve our partnership and the type of support we provide.

#3: FoodBytes! allows us to engage with entrepreneurs who we can help bring their next great idea to life.

We’re ready to help innovators take their ideas forward to market, scaling them for greater success while retaining their core essence as first conceptualized and dreamed by their creators.

In fact, we’ve been entrusted with the ideas of many entrepreneurs and startups, and we take that commitment very seriously. We’ve helped grow some of yesterday’s interesting ideas into some of today’s most popular product—delivering on the eating and drinking quality goals, nutrition and label targets and most importantly, delivering great taste that consumers love.

At ADM, we’re foodies at heart and product development, culinary, marketing and sensory advisors by trade. We’re thrilled to be sponsoring FoodBytes! in New York and look forward to having an opportunity to learn from, connect with and support you at FoodBytes! and in the future.

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