Food Furore application process: FAQ

FoodBytes! is selecting the six startups that will pitch on stage during Food Furore, next March 26 in Berlin.



1. What’s the relationship between FoodBytes! and Food Furore?

FoodBytes! is supporting Food Furore for the pitch competition part of the program, and managing the application process for them.

Both Food Furore and FoodBytes! are Rabobank initiatives.

2. There are many pitch competitions, what makes Food Furore different?

Food Furore is more than a pitch and networking event. It’s a discussion platform involving key stakeholders, to discuss and find solutions for food waste. We are not only choosing the most promising and innovative startups, but building long term cooperation to boost your company and tackle food waste.

3. What kind of companies should apply?

We look for startups with an innovation specifically targeting food loss in the supply chain, and food waste at the consumer level.

Apply if you…

…have developed a packaging in which food stays fresh longer and is still sustainable

…have invented a technology that allows customers to read the actual freshness of food, rather than blindly relying on the expiration date

…have a vision for a predictable supply chain of surplus food in commerce and the food service to food rescue organizations

… have an idea to track the food waste of consumers

… have any other great idea on how to tackle food waste!

4. How does FoodBytes! evaluate and review applications?

We have a holistic review process that includes Rabobank food and agriculture experts and our FoodBytes! sponsors. High-ranking startups exhibit the following criteria:

Food Waste target: Innovations specifically targeting food loss in the supply chain and food waste at the consumer level

Team Background: Exceptional domain and entrepreneurial experience

Business Model: Company has a strong view on its revenue model, competitors, how to scale, customer acquisition and cost base. Company knows its margins and how it can improve as it scales

Market Opportunity: High growth market opportunity and high barriers to entry

Product Innovation: Concept is a game-changing approach to solving a problem or gap in the market

Product Validation & Traction: Team is on track or building a successful business and is building something that consumers or the industry needs / wants. Company was able to raise external funds

Sustainability / Social Impact: Concept is focused on the triple bottom line: people, profit and planet


5. How many startups are selected to pitch at Food Furore?

Out of all applications 6 companies will be selected.

6. It's a competition, so what do startups win?

The winner:

-Will get one day of consultancy services according to their specific needs by consulting partners

-Will get two months of Co-Working Space (hot desk) as part of a food startup community in Berlin, sponsored by Kitchentown

-Will be automatically selected to participate at FoodBytes! London 2020.

The six companies selected to pitch on stage:

-Will be invited to a meet and greet at the HelloFresh headquarter in Berlin on March 25

-Will get pitch coaching

-Will get their ideas and solutions will be exposed to media, policy makers, corporates, investors and organizations working towards the same goals.

Furthermore, all applying companies will become part of FoodBytes! database and will receive updates on  opportunities in the Food & Ag space, receive insights on trends and resources to keep developing as an entrepreneur.

7. What should I expect during Food Furore?

During Food Furore, you can expect guidance and mentoring from experts in the field of pitching, finance, business models, and route-to-market. You will be part of Rabobank’s and FoodBytes! startup network where we support you with access to our knowledge and networks, also after the event. During Food Furore, you get the chance to meet some of our top notch clients that want to target food waste and actively look for collaborations.