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Pitching at Foodbytes last year launched us on a trajectory that we couldn't have imagined. Since then, the company has grown 4x, launched new collaborations with restaurants like Dig Inn and Eleven Madison Park, been profiled in Popular Mechanics magazine and joined the 2018 cohort of Techstars NYC. We couldn't have done it without Foodbytes!

Ethan Frisch

Co-Founder, Burlap & Barrel

FoodBytes! was an absolute goldmine for us from a business development perspective and an entrepreneurial stand point. We gained knowledge, experience and above all great validation for our technology and what we’ve accomplished thus far.

Francois Pagé

Vice-President Marketing & Sales, Amazstev Inc

‘We took part in Foodbytes! for the opportunity to meet investors, but what we got was so much more. We met industry experts which hosted mentoring sessions that gave us insights and direct feedback about our business and specific markets. The experience has allowed us to self reflect and prepare ourselves and our business for the next phase. We highly recommend to any start up or early stage business.”

Belal ElBanna

CEO, The Real Co.

FoodBytes! is a great way to brainstorm and collaborate with people in the food and tech industry. It’s way better than a conference. I’ve found meeting other food brands who are all at different stages is just as valuable as meeting investors and advisors.

Benjamin Walters

CEO & Co-Founder, Feedback

“The opportunities coming my way as a result of participating of FoodBytes! are continuous and endless. I can’t thank Rabobank enough for the amazing support, connections, network and partners”

Lisa Sohanpal

Founder, Nom Noms World Food

“The FoodBytes! experience was transformative for our company. It validated that our business model had legs, and it helped us articulate how sustainability made good business sense. The interactions with judges and mentors helped us challenge our business strategy, and the experience of pitching in front of an audience helped us distill our story. Bravo!”

Ravi Jolly

Co-Founder & President, I Heart Keenwah

“If you're building a food-related startup, FoodBytes! is the perfect place to get the word out about your innovation. The people in the room understand what you want to accomplish, and the FoodBytes! team will do everything possible to make sure the experience is all about you, the entrepreneurs, and make sure you’re in the spotlight”.

Marc-André Roberge

Co-Founder, Nectar

“FoodBytes! combines the best of entrepreneurial startups, the larger players that have know how to scale brands and the people that have the know-how to connect those dots.”

Evan Delahanty

Founder, Peaceful Fruits

"It’s all about impact. These companies can and will make an impact on our food system."

Katie Forrest

Co-Founder and Chief, EPIC Provisions

Meeting all the different mentors from all the different backgrounds has been such an incredible resource. As a company, we’ve made incredible connections at FoodBytes!.

Serena Hollmeyer-Taylor

CSO, Evaptainers

“FoodBytes is a fantastic competition which goes so much further than pitching on the day. We gained a lasting network including other startups and food companies, and the Rabobank team have been excellent at supporting us since then. The atmosphere was vibrant, the prizes were incredibly useful and the endorsement as People’s Choice winner gave us a real boost as an early stage startup"

Abi Ramanan

CEO and Co-Founder, Impact Vision

"The sustainable food community is unmatched at FoodBytes!"

Colleen Kazemi

Co-founder, Pure Cultures

Participating in FoodBytes! gave our team the opportunity to connect with some of the leading innovators in the space. Connecting with that type of creativity allows us to review our own company under a new lens with different ideas for the future. We met with several people who are interested in helping us think through the next phases of our company. We're meeting with a few of them now to see how their input as customers can help influence our product. We also connected with a couple potential investors who are now looking at investing in Imperfect.

Ben Simon

CEO, Imperfect Produce

The longer we’ve been involved with FoodBytes!, the more opportunities emerge. FoodBytes! has been a continual resource since we pitched and an awesome community to be part of.

Will Deluca

Co-Founder of Vega Coffee, Vega Coffee

The most innovative food tech event I've ever participated in.

Bruce Rasa

CEO & Founder, AgVoice

FoodBytes! is very important for entrepreneurs to sharpen their message and business model and to get really practical advice from people in the industry, so that they can succeed.

Jamie Brent

Austin 2017 Judge, Hain Celestial Group

FoodBytes provided a high profile, high energy venue to put HarvestPort in front of industry professionals and investors. It is always great to be able to reach so many vested parties in one sitting. We generated several follow-up meetings with investors from the event, as well as a few very fruitful meetings with industry folks. Aside, from that, the general media buzz, particularly social media, has been great. We really loved getting to know the other teams and hope to interact more.

Tim Koide

CO-founder, HarvestPort

Attending FoodBytes! Boulder was such a great experience for our team and brand; we received valuable feedback from the judges, mentors and fellow demo companies that will help us better establish our brand and achieve our goals of bringing plant-based convenient comfort foods to folks across the country! As a result of the feedback and mentorship we received through FoodBytes! Boulder, we are planning to release a packaging pivot in March 2017 featuring additional flavors of dairy free Cheesy Dips and more user-friendly packaging.

Alexandra Carone

Co-Founder, The Honest Stand

Attending FoodBytes! NYC opened so many doors for Victory Hemp Foods. We have had conversations with customers, partners, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs that have given VHF an incredibly helpful boost forward.

Mallory Sanborn

Director Of Operations, Victory Hemp Foods

FoodBytes! provided an incredible platform to test the resonance of what we are building with ReGrained. This "platform" went beyond the literal one upon which our pitch was delivered--it also included a supportive community of founder-peers, experts, and mentors. Ironically, the best connections at FoodBytes! went beyond potential investors. Several of the other founders and I communicate regularly, providing feedback and support. One of the mentors, Nucleus Maximus, is now working with us closely on our packaging redesign. We're ready to take things to the next level, and it blows me away that such a short event is having such an impact on helping us do that.

Dan Kurzrock

Co-Founder, ReGrained

We found our experience at FoodBytes! SF to be a valuable one. The event connected us with other exciting food companies and introduced us to potential investors, mentors, and fans of what we’re doing. The highlight outcome of our time at FoodBytes! SF was the great press mentions that followed the event.  Erin B, author of DishInterrupted blog called our product, “The Future Superbowl Snack” and The San Francisco Business Times featured us in their “From the Lab to the Plate” story.

Dominique Barnes

Co-Founder & CEO, New Wave Foods

FoodBytes was an incredible opportunity to gain valuable exposure and connections while working alongside inspiring startups and receiving feedback from experts at Rabobank. From FoodBytes! we have secured a few new retail accounts in the USA and received valuable advice on to how tackle the U.K. market.

Eli Cadesky

Co-Founder & CEO, One Hop Kitchen

Unlike the technology world, where avenues to access both capital and human expertise to nurture innovative start-ups are abundant, in food, we have a lot of catching up to do. Events such as FoodBytes! are key in uniting the passionate individuals and organizations that will play a critical role in building the next generation of food. We jumped at the opportunity to participate and present The Chaat Co at FoodBytes! not just to seek out opportunities that will propel our start-up forward but also to do our part in building momentum towards the better food movement.

Anshu Dua

Co-Founder, The Chaat Company

FoodBytes! is an awesome gathering of passionate food innovators - inspiring, educational, and fun! It was an excellent opportunity to meet new food innovators and learn from their experiences. Back to the Roots was honored to be selected as the People's Choice, and FoodBytes! helped open the door for new opportunities.

Nikhil Arora

Co-Founder, Back To The Roots

The field of startups presenting FoodBytes Brooklyn was so strong, it was an honor just to share the same stage. Besides being one of the best organized events we've ever attended,   FoodBytes curated a fantastic community whose connections just keep growing stronger... long after the event. Through FoodBytes, we met companies that we are partnering with to solve some challenges in our business and got media exposure that helped land us new retail accounts.  Now, we're focused on building a great business and making the most of those opportunities.

Jacqueline Claudia

Co-Founder & CEO, LoveTheWild

FoodBytes! was fun, welcoming, and enthusiastic; we connected with creative teams and investors who were inspiring and supportive. We have received inquiries from people across the country who saw the FoodBytes! clips on their local news stations and they are interested in working with us. FreshTemp is increasing its footprint from the press and connections at the event. We are currently in talks with a large, nationwide food retailer that we met at FoodBytes! Brooklyn.

Lauren Brock

Marketing Manager, °FreshTemp

It's possible to be so focused on your target customer that you lose sight of the larger web of connections that connects us all through food. FoodBytes! was great to bring together entrepreneurs working directly with producers and people taking food products to stores.  I especially appreciated understanding the connection Rabobank has in linking the different components of the food system and being able to rely on them in the future.

Adam Wolf

Co-Founder, Arable

Foodbytes NYC was an amazing, well-run event that I would recommend any growing food startup should take part in. Not only was the mentoring, networking and two-day program incredibly helpful, but the communication and execution of the event itself was among the best startup events I've been to. I know Natural Cuts will continue to benefit from this experience and countless tangible and intangible ways.

Mike Annunziata

CEO & Co-Founder, Natural Cuts