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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If I have any complaints, where can I send them to?

    If you have a complaint that you would like to share, please use this form to let us know.  This form allows us to quickly and efficiently gather the information we need to investigate your complaint and take appropriate action.

    What does this new venture mean for Foodbytes?

     While Foodbytes is evolving, our mission remains the same. This new way of operating just allows us to broaden our reach and accessibility in an effort to drive more sustainable impact within the food and agriculture industry.

    At the core, Foodbytes is a connection hub, powered by Rabobank’s unmatched knowledge and network, to provide access to global vetted startups and forward-thinking insights that corporates and investors can continue to rely on.

    What sets Foodbytes apart from other platforms and organizations?

    There are many aspects of the new Foodbytes that we believe set our tool apart from others, including:

    • Powered by the unmatched knowledge and backing of Rabobank.
    • While other databases scrape the internet for information, Foodbytes data is self-submitted by startups to ensure accuracy, startup engagement, and up-to-date information on fundraising and collaboration needs.
    • Foodbytes designates badges to startups to indicate different levels of vetting and commercial viability.
    • Extensive search capabilities are tailored to key food & agriculture sub-sectors and trends.
    • Unique data fields highlight key indicators for successful industry collaboration (allowing for faster decision making).
    • The ability to ‘Ask a Foodbytes Expert,’ for more insights and information.
    • Subscribers will have the ability to create a personalized innovation environment tailored to their specific goals.
    Does this mean Foodbytes is no longer a pitch competition?

    Correct. In fact, Foodbytes hasn’t hosted a pitch competition since 2021.

    While we are proud of what we’ve created since our inception in 2015, through both our in-person events and virtual programming, this new iteration of Foodbytes allows us to scale our reach and impact across the industry in an effort to drive continuous, and meaningful, connections between startups, corporates and investors.

    Why is Foodbytes moving away from the red logo and branding?

    With this new evolution of Foodbytes we felt it was time to refresh our look and feel.

    We wanted our new logo to reflect the work we now do as the catalyst and premier connector in the F&A industry, aligning the latest knowledge, start-ups, corporates and investors with the goal of feeding the world sustainably by 2050.

    As such, the new mark reflects the work we do in nurturing the seed of a unique startup technology, connecting their concept with the industry partners that can help them grow – all supported by the strong foundation of Rabobank.

    Foodbytes has evolved a few times over the last few years, will this be the last?

    Our evolution over the years has been in direct response to the needs of the community we serve.

    We feel strongly that this latest evolution of Foodbytes will continue to do just that by delivering on what our network of startups and members value most  – industry expertise, vetted global startups, and relevant connections.

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