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Introduced through Foodbytes, Rabo Ventures invested in seed and Series A rounds for Vence, an innovator in virtual fencing technology for cattle, which was acquired in 2022 by Merck Animal Health.

The Foodbytes hub is designed to support you at any stage of your development, from communicating your value proposition in a way that corporates understand to making the right connections.  

Foodbytes is the entry point for food and agriculture startups into Rabobank’s vast global network. Startups, scaleups and innovators from around the world can set up a profile for free to increase your exposure to 800+ potential partners and funders focused on food and agriculture, all in one place. 

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See how Foodbytes helps businesses grow.

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Benefits for startups

Data Accuracy

Control and update your unique company profile

Network Exposure

Be visible to Foodbytes’s global network of corporates and investors

Direct Connections

Discover and reach out to aligned corporate partners and potential investors (up to five introductions per month)

Brand Exposure

Appear in food and ag industry reports, newsletters and social channels

Foodbytes is scouting startups for our first quarterly report of 2024

We’ll explore three themes connected by a critical industry-wide challenge: How can adoption of resilient practices improve near-term ROI?

We’re looking for technologies at the intersection of cost improvement and climate mitigation, specifically upstream sustainable inputs, midstream upcycling and downstream precision fermentation.

Startups (seed to Series C) that create a new profile or update an existing account in the Foodbytes hub between now and February 25 will gain access to our global network of more than 1,100 corporates and investors and be featured in our first market map of 2024.

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How do startups receive a badge?

The Alumni Badge: Distinction given to an exclusive set of startups that participated in our legacy pitch competitions.
The Spotlight Badge: Startups identified by Foodbytes analysts and Rabobank sector experts monthly based on thematic, commercial and sustainability criteria.

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How does it work?

Set up a free profile to efficiently showcase your solution, impact, milestones, investment and collaboration opportunities. Update your profile quarterly for maximal exposure and include your pitch deck. Complete profiles are considered for inclusion in our reports, which can provide an immediate boost in exposure to our network – with hundreds of additional views from potential partners and investors.

Discover and reach out to aligned corporates and investors via the Network tab. You can request up to five targeted introductions per month. Only startups with completed profiles can access this feature. Foodbytes users have downloaded more than 2,500 pitch decks year-to-date.

Startups with complete and up-to-date profiles are eligible for Rabobank expert review and vetting badges. You could also be featured in our thematic reports, newsletters and social channels. Featured startups gain an immediate boost in exposure to our network – on average, between 50-100 additional views from potential partners and investors.

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