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Where F&A corporates and investors discover startup collaborators

Foodbytes is the entry point for startups into Rabobank’s network. Increase your exposure to potential global partners and funders. Plus, access exclusive food and agriculture thought-leadership.

Set up a profile to efficiently showcase your technology, current traction, fundraising stage, future milestones, impact and timely investment and collaboration opportunities.

What’s in it for startups

Exclusive Content
Industry connections

Rabobank is the world’s leading F&A bank. Gain exposure to all corporates, investors and Rabobankers in our hub (330 and counting), and utilize future features that facilitate two-way insights and connections.

Strong Network
Increased visibility

Stand out through our searchable interface, and have the opportunity to receive “vetting badges” which connote extra layers of vetting and give your company more exposure.

Expert Vetting
Exclusive content

Access a centralized dashboard with industry insights, monthly trend reports and evolving tools to help your growth.

Create a profile
Startups create a profile

Profiles feature pertinent information, including a pitch deck and pitch video. Startups can add analysis from their growth center to report on development progress.

Our team verifies the startups
Our team verifies the startups

The Foodbytes team checks whether the provided information is complete, correct, and if it fits our policies, values and norms.

Access exclusive content
Access exclusive content

Stay in the loop through a curated newsfeed and rotating thematic content.

Get discovered
Get discovered

Maintain a robust profile – and update regularly – to get noticed and contacted by potential corporate partners and investors.

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