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Foodbytes helps build strong connections across the food and ag value chain. We facilitate hundreds of connections each month between startups, investors and corporates, resulting in partnerships, investments, R&D collaborations and pilots. Check a handful of those stories below.

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Full Harvest

“Rabobank and Foodbytes have been a phenomenal partner from early days, and a recent investor through Rabo Ventures. From introductions to raising awareness, Foodbytes has brought attention to us and the huge problem that we’re solving.”

Christine Moseley, CEO & Founder, Full Harvest

NextGen Nutrition

“Foodbytes allows us to stay abreast of startup trends and drive pipeline. We learn about market landscapes in addition to benefiting from quality introductions. We would not have made the investment in Phytolon without the Foodbytes team.”

Jim Cali, General Partner, NextGen Nutrition


“Foodbytes helped us engage with industry players in the early days of the company and then Rabo Ventures later invested in BeeHero. There’s a lot more work to do – we are just getting started.

Omar Davidi, CEO & Co-founder, BeeHero


“I frequently use the platform to set notification parameters around our focus areas of interest and connect directly with aligned startups. I also find the monthly reports insightful.”

Claudia Berti, Head of Global Open Innovation, Barilla

Ergo Bioscience

“Our Foodbytes experience has been extremely helpful for our growth. We made connections with huge CPGs and food producers that we’re working with to develop amazing plant-based foods using our precision-fermented proteins.”

Alejandro Barbarini CEO & Co-founder, Ergo Bioscience

Cleveland Avenue

“Through Foodbytes, we efficiently identify innovative companies in the F&A space, maximizing our deal flow and ensuring we pinpoint the right investments aligned with our fund’s objectives.”

Fabian Gosselin Paliza, Investor, Cleveland Avenue


“We’re a product of exactly what Foodbytes intends to do. As we grow, our needs are changing and through Rabobank, we’ve been able to connect with lots of different players to fulfil those. Whether it’s making strategic connections, or raising in our next round, the Foodbytes team has been a key partner throughout our journey.”

Kerryann Kocher, CEO, Vytelle

Rich Products

“Foodbytes aligns perfectly with our efforts in External Innovation. Their DIY-style connection hub means we can customize alerts, request introductions, and have access 24/7 to search for new partners and opportunities as our areas of focus evolve.”

Liza Larson, Director External Innovation, Rich Products

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