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This is the Cookie Statement for foodbytesworld.com, part of Rabobank Wholesale North America. Rabobank Wholesale Banking North America is located at 245 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10167.

The Statement may be changed over time. Users of the Website are advised to regularly review the Statement for possible changes. The Statement was last changed on 20 January 2022.

Rabobank uses cookies and similar techniques to ensure the correct and secure operation of its website. It also enables us to inform you better about relevant products and services on foodbytesworld.com rabobankwholesalebankingna.com, research.rabobank.com, and other websites. For example, did you know that there are different types of cookies? Do you know what they are used for? The following is an overview of the cookies we use and why we use them.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies for a variety of reason. Cookies can be installed to ensure the correct and safe use of our website. Cookies can also be installed to help us analyze website use patterns. Sometimes cookies are placed by other parties to collect personal data such as your IP-address or your click behavior – of course this type of collection only happens when you have given us your permission.  We may use cookies:

  • to inform you better and in a more personal way of our products and services
  • to develop and improve products and services
  • to improve our website for safety purposes
  • to manage our relationship with you, our customer.
  • to make the website more personal and more user-friendly

Types of cookies

There are many types of cookies. As mentioned above, some cookies better inform you of our products and services and optimize your experience on our website. There are also cookies that enable content on our website. These cookies allow you to watch videos and listen to podcasts.

There are also cookies that monitor your internet behavior with third parties and collect your personal data, e.g. your IP-address or the web pages you have visited. Third parties, such as Google, may also carry out an analysis, show a video, or install cookies. If you allow these cookies, it means you give us permission to process your personal data.

Allowing cookies

It is up to you which cookies you allow. For instance, you can manage and adjust your settings for the cookies on this page. Do you want to prevent websites from installing cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile telephone? Then delete your cookies by adjusting your browser settings. You have to adjust these cookie settings separately for each browser. If you reject rabobankwholesalebankingna.com or research.rabobank.com cookies, you may be asked on each visit if you wish to accept them.

Cookies and other techniques

The following list shows you the cookies that www.foodbytesworld.com use. Their names correspond with files installed on your computer, tablet or mobile telephone. We also explain the use of Google Analytics and Local Storage.

  • strictly necessary/performance/analytical/functional/targeting&advertising/tracking cookie) and if they are (session cookies/persistent cookies)
    • Response: The category name will be added

Cookies Statement Review

The Rabobank team reviews the Cookies Statement annually to ensure the information provided is complete and correct. Our goal is for you to have a clear understanding of the cookies being used on foodbytesworld.comraboag.comrabobankwholesalebankingna.com and other websites.

Cookies for the best user experience on this website and other websites

The best user experience includes videos, podcasts, and information about relevant products and services on foodbytesworld.com.

Name of cookie Category Description Storage period
Analytics Cookies beginning with __utm and _ga originate from Google Analytics and are used to keep a record of visitor statistics. Expires after two years
_gid Analytics This cookie is set by Google Analytics during the first visit. If the cookie has been deleted, a new cookie will be placed with a new unique ID. 24 hours
fbp Analytics Facebook tracking pixel. Expires after the visit
BIGipServerpl_www-int.rabobank.nl-content-80 Analytics Cookies which begin with ‘BIGipServer’ are used to distribute traffic across the various Rabobank computer systems. We remove this cookie after the customer has logged off. Expires after a session


Cookies for properly functioning websites

Name of cookie Category Description Storage period
JSESSIONID Strictly necessary Cookie used to record the user session. Expires after the visit
cookiepermission Strictly necessary Cookie used to test the functionality of placing cookies. 6 months
UTAG_* Strictly necessary This cookie is used by our tag management system to measure and improve the customer experience. Your web address is automatically anonymized, so that no personal traceable data can be stored. 1 year
corporatePrivacyLevel Strictly necessary This cookie is used to record your permission to install the cookie. 6 months


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect visitor statistics to improve our site. A relevant data processing agreement has been concluded with Google. Data exchange with other Google services is switched off and IP addresses are anonymized. If you prefer blocking the Analytics script completely, you can download an opt-out plugin for Google Analytics here. This plugin will exclude your visit from the statistics of all websites using Google Analytics.

Local Storage

Sometimes your data is not stored in a cookie, but in the ‘local storage’ of your browser. We use HTML5 Local Storage to store data. This works more or less the same way as cookies. With local storage, you decide how long the browser keeps the data. This depends on your browser settings and/or on how often you delete your browser history.

The following data is stored in your local storage:

Data When is the cookie stored? Purpose of storing
Usbl* Properly functioning website We use this for the feedback forms on our website to allow us to inspect the feedback and to improve our website on the basis of this feedback.