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Foodbytes is the entry point into Rabobank’s global network for startups of all stages. The hub offers exposure to potential partners and funders -all focused on food and ag – as well as connectivity with relevant Rabo product groups, including strategic advisory, direct investment and equipment financing.

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Equity Private Placement

Advises emerging growth companies with capital raises of $25M+, leverages Rabobank’s vast network of optimal investors, assists with diligence prep and maximizes valuation. The team leverages the Foodbytes discovery and insights hub and founder relationships for pipeline origination.

Round Size: $25M+

Geographic Focus: North America, Israel, Europe

Contact: Guus Hovius or Adam Wilson

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Rabo Ventures

Rabo Ventures

Rabo Ventures is part of the Rabo Investments group, which is a life-cycle investor from Seed to IPO. It is the division that collaborates most closely with Foodbytes, investing across the F&A supply chain with a focus on Series Seed to Series B startups. Rabo Ventures leverages the Foodbytes startup network for pipeline origination and deal flow and has invested in 9 Foodbytes companies to date.

Fund size: EUR125M

Check size: EUR1-10M (average EUR2-4M)

Geographic focus: Europe, Israel and North America.

Contact: Tobin Wiesrum

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Rabo Corporate Venturing

Rabo Corporate Venturing

Formally knows as Frontier Ventures and also part of Rabo Corporate Investments, this group’s founding principal is to build a diversified portfolio of high-potential businesses in fin-tech with a crossover in agri-tech and/or climate-tech.

Fund size: EUR275m

Check Size: EUR 0.5 – 5m per investment

Geographic Focus: Global

Contact: Faye Wasser

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A wholly-owned subsidiary of Rabobank, DLL specializes in equipment and vendor financing. The Foodbytes team works directly with interested companies to explore if DLL could be a financing partner fit.

Criteria: Emerging growth companies that anticipate equipment needs of at least $100k annually are ideal for a DLL intro.

Geographic focus: Global

Contacts: James Robertson

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The Rabo Foundation

The Rabo Foundation

DLL is a wholly-owned Rabobank subsidiary specialising in equipment and vendor financing. The Foodbytes team works directly with interested companies to determine whether DLL could be a suitable financing partner.

Geographic Focus: Africa, Latin America, South East Asia

Contacts: Lygia de Salles Freire

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