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Q1 Report + Market Map

Foodbytes helps food and ag industry players discover solutions and find partners to power tomorrow’s sustainable food system today. Our in-depth Q1 2024 Report explores how resilient practices can generate near-term ROI across the value chain and includes: 

Three most pressing corporate challenge areas: upstream inputs, midstream upcycling and downstream precision fermentation.   

Market Map of 50+ global startups actively seeking investment and corporate collaboration. 

Six collaboration stories including Full Harvest and Danone, Rabo Ventures and Trace Genomics and Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Bond Pet Foods. 

Proprietary Foodbytes hub insights like the rise of pitch deck terms “crop optimization,” “production waste” and “circular economy strategies” and the domination of “fermentation” as a corporate/investor search term.  


For the first time since launching the Foodbytes hub, this Premium report is available to our entire network of 3k+ corporates, investors and startups.  

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