Nom Noms World Food founder Lisa Sohanpal is a busy woman. She’s an inspired entrepreneur, mother of three culinary aficionados and one of our rockstar FoodBytes! Alumni. She says the opportunities coming her way post FoodBytes! are continuous and endless. Her biggest take away from pitching in NYC in 2017 was her new-found ability to tell the entire Nom Noms story in three and a half minutes. She’s been experiencing the full power of the FoodBytes! network ever since. Here’s what she had to say when we caught up with her at the FoodBytes! Montreal mentor sessions in May (don’t miss our video interview below as well!).

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What did your pitch experience in New York last year do for Nom Noms?

  1. It elevated the brand almost instantly, so people knew more about us and what we do
  2. It proved invaluable for building partnerships and laid the foundations for some of our most successful collaborations to date
  3. The eco-system and support network it’s provided has been phenomenal. It’s accelerated my business, boosted my confidence and has helped me believe in my product even more

What advice have you been able to pass on through the Alumni from your own experience over the last 12-months?

I’ve talked to FoodBytes! start-ups about the things they can look forward to, offered insights based on our journey and given advice on everything from the challenges and barriers we’ve had to overcome, to pitching and preparing for big milestones like launching in another country. I’ve also been able to connect some entrepreneurs facing challenges with companies I know can help them solve their problems. It’s a great feeling to be able to offer that kind of practical advice and come together to create solutions.

Which three ‘lessons learned’ would you share with fellow startups?

  1. Be mindful of inexperience. There are some things you simply don’t know when you start out and there’s no substitute for experience, so it’s important to know when to call in the experts and accept good advice.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of social media and how it can support brand awareness. Used well, it can have a monumental impact of your business objectives and brand value.
  3. Remember success happens after you get your product on the shelf. Launching a product or service is only one half the battle. For some, the real work begins when you need to build interest, sales and loyalty, so make sure you have enough energy, budget and strategy in reserve for the challenges to come.

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About Nom Noms World Food

Created by entrepreneur Lisa Sohanpal and her husband, Dr Imrat Sohanpal – with a special collaboration from their three children, of course – Nom Noms World Food is a healthy and wholesome brand that really makes the most of authentic world flavours. Gentle and balanced enough for kids, but bursting with taste, flavour and texture for adults.

What’s more, since Lisa & Imrat are both from medical backgrounds, creating international cuisines that carry high health credentials was a core requirement.

The team collaborated with Emma Grazvette, a culinary spice expert who has made unique spice blends for Michelin star chefs and has co-hosted & co-authored the book and TV programme – Channel 4’s ‘Spice Trip’. Each dish and wrap has its own unique authentic spice blend showcasing authentic world flavours.

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