To our community,

FoodBytes! has spent the last 5+ years growing a global community of food and agriculture forward-thinkers. We pride ourselves on having built a cross-industry discovery and engagement platform centered around lively physical gatherings. The health of our community is our number one priority as we navigate the escalating Coronavirus pandemic. This will mean that events we plan to host or participate in over the next few months will be postponed or canceled.

We recognize that this is a unprecedented and extraordinarily challenging time for the startups, corporates and investors that are the lifeblood of FoodBytes! and like many proactive players in the industry, we’re working swiftly to explore digital discovery and engagement opportunities.


In light of that, we want to share some things we’re doing to keep momentum and support going:

  1. We’re hosting webinars on a bi-weekly schedule, ranging from RaboResearch analsyses, investor insights on the current landscape and more.
  • F&A Investors on #COVID19 Impact + Opportunities: We brought together our FoodBytes! investor community to share their perspectives and answer your questions on the current fundraising landscape. Check out the webinar and recap here.
  • F&A Sector Specific Impacts + Opportunities: Our RaboResearch analysts from our consumer food, beverages, dairy, packaging and ag inputs teams share their perspectives on the macro effects of Coronavirus and answer sector specific questions. Check out the webinar and recap here.

2. Let’s come together to support our FoodBytes! alumni! – every afternoon we’re sharing where you can purchase their products on our social channels (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

3. We’re compiling a list of resources for small F&A businesses, ranging from virtual meetups, to legal tips, to government grants. We’ve been sharing via social (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). Check out the list here; we’ll be updating often.

4. Over the coming days, we’ll be sharing our community members’ thoughts on the challenges the Coronavirus pandemic is causing their businesses and how they’re working to mitigate impact. Our first post highlights perspectives from our startup community. If you have thoughts you want to share your ideas, drop us a line


How else can we support you? Online panel discussions, mentorship webinars, virtual pitching, Zoom Mixers. How do you want to connect and what type of content would be most useful? Let us know.

Let’s work together to build a digital food industry coalition!


Stay safe and healthy,

The FoodBytes! Team

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