In mid-March, PieShell founder Cheryl Clements pitched to over 360, investors, executives and entrepreneurs at FoodBytes! San Francisco. Now, PieShell is coming on board as a sponsor for FoodBytes! in NYC on June 15th!

First, a little bit about us: PieShell is a niche crowdfunding platform that helps food startups get to the next level, whether it’s bootstrapping a brand new idea, scaling up to retail, or going brick and mortar. Our projects range from smartphone apps, to packaged products, to food trucks. We incubate each of our projects before they launch. Day in and day out, we’re working closely with food and beverage startups to get them ready to raise money. But, we’re also a startup ourselves.

As a startup, it can be hard to figure out where your money is best spent. For us, investing time and money to be a part of FoodBytes! was a huge win. It taught us a lesson we’re eager to share with all our fellow foodpreneurs: spending money to connect with the right people has high ROI.

In addition to getting our name in front of our core audience of food and beverage startups, PieShell’s 60-second pitch at FoodBytes! resulted in:

  • Connections with potential investors that specialize in food and beverage
  • New partnerships with accelerators and incubators, (Kitchentown and Rabobank and RocketSpace’s Terra – the food + ag tech accelerator) that will increase PieShell’s presence in the food startup community – a key part of our growth strategy
  • A pipeline bursting at the seams with new projects eager to start crowdfunding
  • A nice boost to our social media community

Even in this digital age, gaining traction as a startup is about making the right connections early on. Not only does it get your brand in front of new audiences, but it allows you to tap into the vast pool of knowledge in the food startup community to help you adjust your strategy if need be.

Aside from the concrete benefits we listed above, we were floored by the expert feedback and peer mentorship we received after pitching at FoodBytes!. It’s hard to quantify the impact that business and industry expertise can have on your company, especially when you’re navigating through the startup stage. It’s a high stakes game, and there are so many unknowns. But a little advice from someone who’s been there before can go a long way. We’re continuing to see the positive effects across all parts of our business. That’s why we are such big fans of FoodBytes! and are so excited to be their very first alumni sponsor!

If you’re wondering whether pitching or attending FoodBytes! is a good idea, we’re here to tell you emphatically, “Yes, it is!” In fact, three PieShellers have been selected to pitch in NYC.

One of our very first projects, Edamam, will show off their nutrition data wizardry, and two of our pipeline projects, Real Oyster Cult and Proud Pour, will be pitching their business solutions to foster sustainable oyster farming! These companies were selected from hundreds of applicants, and we can’t wait to see them shine.

We hope to see you at FoodBytes! in New York City next week! Buy tickets.

Applications for FoodBytes! Austin are also open and to learn more about pitching click here!

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