It’s exciting times in the world of food and agriculture, and to continue showcasing our incredible FoodBytes! family, we’ll be sharing top news stories from alumni on a monthly basis, so you can stay in the loop on the brilliant entrepreneurs pushing the industry envelope.

We’ve rounded up the latest and greatest current headlines from our stellar community of startups. Read on to find out more!



  1. Nectar (FB! Montreal) receives press fantastique from Le Journal de Montreal, a comprehensive profile on Nectar’s apiary technology which aims to save the up-to-40% of bees North American producers lose. Click through to learn more (and remember to turn on your web translator unless vous parlez Francais).
  2. Regen (FB! Sydney) makes (air)waves on The Spinoff’s weekly podcast, Business is Boring. Tune in to learn how Regen is cutting down farmers’ runoff while saving them money and water.
  3. Triple Threat to Beef touches on the direct effects on the decline of beef, as well as the techonolgies that could save it, including Vence (FB! Austin), a virtual fencing system, and People’s Choice winner AgriWebb (FB! Sydney), a comprehensive organization and monitoring app for farm records.


Food Tech

  1. Cookitoo (FB! Sydney) experiences a multitude of emotions after learning that Uber Founder Travis Kalanick is the new CEO of Cloud Kitchens, a direct competitor to Cookitoo’s two-person startup, with one caveat: $150 million dollars of funding. 
  2. Why Should Food Businesses Care About Food Waste? ImpactVision’s  Abi Ramanan (FB! New York City) provides a high level overview of the significance of companies investing in food sustainability and the ways consumers are driving these trends.
  3. New Wave Foods (FB! San Francisco) receives a callout in Medium, chronicling the evolution of clean meats and who is doing it best.
  4. Pieshell (FB! San Francisco) gets some love in Edible, highlighting its unique take on crowdfunding in the food world.



  1. Pow-Cow (FB! Montreal) gets a crème de la crème feature in BizPlus, which showcases founder Niall Moloney’s beginnings in the protein-rich frozen yogurt field and the challenges he’s faced along the road to success.
  2. ReGrained (FB! San Francisco) gets some love from The Good Trade. Its up-cycled beer grain granola bars receive kudos for being healthy, sustainable and delicious. 
  3. True Made Foods (FB! New York City) is in the running to win funding through the Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream Program Veteran Small Business Award: Vote Here Now!


That’s it for this month’s FoodBytes! Alumni News Roundup. We hope you’ll spread the word far and wide about all the awesome things our alumni are up to.

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