FoodBytes! NYC would not be possible without our incredible family of supporters! We would like to give a massive shout out to the outstanding companies that partnered with us bring this event to life.

We’re honored to collaborate with companies who share our mission to help connect the best and brightest global food and ag innovators with the connections and capital they need to grow their businesses.

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Thank you to our extraordinary partners & sponsors:

Presenting Partner – Food + Tech Connect

Food+Tech Connect is the site of record and world’s largest food innovation community. Through its website, newsletters, events and consulting, it helps the food industry make sense of the business, tech and investment trends shaping the future of the industry. It recently launched Food+Tech Jobs to connect the most innovative food companies with the best tech, business, design, sales, marketing, operations and PR talent.   

Presenting Partner – Fresh Ideas Group

FIG was born in 1995 with a vision: build a marketing firm that fills the communications gap between the organic industry, retailers and consumers with effective and powerful storytelling that needs no spin — ever. We excel in the areas of public relations, branding, marketing communications and social media. Our clients’ missions drive us and we accelerate their stories, traditionally and digitally, in a refreshingly unconventional way. We have the track record to prove it. We’ve clocked two decades of purpose-driven marketing before it was hip to be conscious. Why? So you can also sleep better at night. How refreshing is that? For more information please visit our website or on our social channels, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Presenting Sponsor – Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market‘s ongoing support of FoodBytes! is a natural extension of the company’s Core Values: selling the highest quality natural and organic products available, supporting win-win supplier relationships, and supporting the health of our stakeholders. Participating in FoodBytes! offers another platform to help budding brands make connections and grow their businesses, get valuable insights from their Business Development, Local Brands and Product Innovation teams, and connect with some incredible minds. Whole Foods Market loves engaging at all levels of the process – judging, mentoring, sponsoring, and maintaining the relationships formed – to collaborate and share with these innovators in the industry.    

Official Sponsor – Holland & Hart

Holland & Hart is a national law firm headquartered in Denver, CO. The firm has a strong food and beverage practice and has been part of the industry for decades. They help clients through the entire lifecycle of a company’s growth and pride themselves on working with natural and organic products.   

Official Sponsor – Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)

ADM helps you take your next great idea from concept to commercialization supported by an unrivaled portfolio of on-trend natural ingredients, systems, technologies and technical know-how.  ADM can help you get to market faster with foods and beverages consumers love while meeting your stringent taste, cost, nutrition, labeling and quality standards.    

Official Sponsor – Hain Celestial Group – Cultivate Ventures

The Hain Celestial Group , Inc. is a leading organic, natural and better-for-you products company.  As a company, Hain Celestial is focused on growing their business by delivering new and sustainable concepts to consumers and are supporting innovation and entrepreneurs in food and agriculture.  Cultivate Ventures, was formed to strategically invest and incubate lifestyle brands, concepts, products and technology, which focus on health and wellness.  As an official FoodBytes! sponsor, Hain Celestial and Cultivate Ventures directly align to create and inspire A Healthier Way of Life™ 

Supporting Sponsor – Nucleus Maximus

Nucleus Maximus is a leading branding and package design agency for food brands. Through their dedicated study of the grocery industry, consumer culture, brand-building and design – Nucleus Maximus offers food entrepreneurs an invaluable and evolving perspective to help them earn the attention of the marketplace.  

Supporting Sponsor – Boulder Food Group

Boulder Food Group seeks partnerships with early stage food and beverage consumer product companies. BFG works alongside exceptional entrepreneurs to ensure the business is able to deliver sustainable growth and outperform its competitors.    

Supporting Sponsor – PieShell

PieShell, a reward-based crowdfunding site for only food and beverage entrepreneurs, is a game changer! We’ve built a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, committed foodies, and trendsetters. All food, beverage and hospitality projects are invited: packaged products, beverages, food trucks, cookbooks, restaurants, distilleries, or coffee shops.

Unlike other platforms, PieShell’s project pre-launch process is designed to help projects succeed. Secondly, our unique stepping-stone approach gives projects a better chance to be fully funded. Finally, we’ll be bringing a food-centric audience to support the projects hosted on PieShell.


Media Partner – AgFunderNews

AgFunderNews is an industry news site and hub of information for the growing community at the intersection of agriculture, technology, and investment. The site publishes daily, original news on the agriculture technology (“agtech”) industry, including the latest funding news and analysis of trends in the sector. AgFunderNews is affiliated with AgFunder, the online investment platform helping to fund the next agriculture revolution.  


Media Partner – Edible Manhattan

Edible Manhattan tells the story of how the city eats. Along with other Edible New York titles, it belongs to a network of Edible magazines and websites across North America. We hunger for bits of forgotten food history; a bialy in Chelsea or mangu in Washington Heights; an artisan, cook or chef who makes their own aquavit or cured meats; a factory or store with a culinary specialty, be it big or small; a trend that is really making a difference in how the city thinks about food; and community gardens and rooftop farms that feed Gotham. 

Community Partner – RocketSpace

RocketSpace is a global ecosystem of people and ideas that provides the necessary velocity — both speed and direction — to help the world’s top innovators bring the future to market. Founded in San Francisco in 2011, its global network of technology campuses across Asia, Europe and Australia and services are designed to help tech startups scale. RocketSpace’s Corporate Innovation Services team helps fuel global brands’ innovation programs by tapping into its ecosystem of startups from around the world.

Community Partner – Terra

Terra is a first-of-its-kind accelerator program bringing together the industry’s most disruptive startups and progressive corporations to fuel cross-industry innovation and set a new standard for food and agriculture. Combining RocketSpace’s global tech ecosystem and startup network with Rabobank’s food and agribusiness leadership and expertise, Terra’s unique model provides startups with the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with corporate collaborators in a dedicated product validation program. 

Community Partner – CircleUp

CircleUp has a mission to help entrepreneurs thrive, and they believe that starts with access to the resources they need to grow. That is why they’ve built the largest online marketplace for investing in innovative consumer and retail companies.

Community Partner – BiTHOSE GROUP

BiTHOUSE GROUP enables others to create, align, fund, utilize, and adopt technology solutions for the future. The company is a mentorship and strategic partnership driven virtual and pop-up business development cultivator, supporting early and mid-stage startups, SMEs, Corporate and Government entities. We align, fund and cultivate technology ventures founded by women, minorities, and EU founders focused on the following areas: agriculture, food, health, retail, wearables, human resources, media and mobility.  BiTHOUSE provides its global networks with both educational and collaborative environments to initiate adoption processes needed to scale innovative technology solutions for the future.  

Community Sponsor – AgTech FoodTech Summit

The AgTech + FoodTech Summit, taking place for the first time in Berlin this year, explores the entire value chain of food production, consumption, and the role that technology will play in its future. The summit will address critical topics such as food waste and food production as attendees contemplate the question, “How do we feed close to 10 billion people by 2050?” 

Official Supplier – Wild Poppy

Wild Poppy is a California-based company producing two lines of great tasting organic fruit beverages. Wild Poppy Juice combines organic fruit juice with spices from around the world and just a touch of sweetness. Wild Poppy Soda is made from organic fruit juice and sweetened with organic cane sugar for a delicious, authentic soda experience.  

Official Supplier – Apiterra

The first US food company to produce an all-natural, raw honey-based superfood with 6 amazing flavors to choose from. We track our honey produce right from the hive in Europe to the store in Brooklyn, NY. With three ingredients or less per jar, we make the best superfood honey by far. Our unique way of whipping the unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized honey creates a raw creamy spread.  At Apiterra we believe in a greater mission. With every jar sold, we donate 1% of profits organizations in the U.S.A. fighting Colony Collapse Disorder.  

Official Supplier – Chapul

Chapul introduces edible insects into Western Cuisine as a healthy and sustainable protein. We launched the first insect-protein product in the US with our award winning Chapul Cricket Bars, fortified with our signature cricket flour. We represent a growing food revolution intent on increasing the health of our food resources for our children and for the planet.

Official Supplier – GIVN

Bottled water that is sourced and packaged responsibly. For every bottle sold, GIVN funds a day of clean drinking water for a person in need. 

Official Supplier – selffee

Selffee is the edible photo booth, creating edible selfies live on-demand at events, using our exclusive technology.  

Official Supplier – Toast Ale

Toast Ale is brewed with surplus fresh bread that would otherwise be wasted. All profits go to the charity Feedback to end food waste, making Toast the best thing since… well, you know. Toast is currently bringing production of this award-winning craft beer to the USA. 

Official Supplier – True Made Foods

True Made Foods is making American food healthy again. We use fresh vegetables to naturally sweeten our products and drastically cut back on added sugar, providing you with a tasty healthy alternative.  

Official Supplier – Wandering Bear

Wandering Bear makes cold brew for coffee lovers. The NYC-based beverage brand packs their organic, ready-to-drink cold brew coffee in eco-friendly boxes that keep the coffee fresh and put great cold brew “on tap” in any fridge.  

Official Supplier – Regrained

ReGrained “harvests” supergrain from urban craft breweries as a delicious, healthy, and sustainable ingredient. 

Official Supplier – The Drop Wine

The Drop Wine company respects the past – the players, the style, the grapes! But the past has passed and life got fast. (The answer was never at the bottom of a bottle anyway.) So we twisted tradition, bent wine to our will, and put it in a can. Let’s forget the corkscrew without being screwed. Finally, a wine packed to keep up with us. 

Official Supplier – Celestial Seasonings

For nearly 50 years, Celestial Seasonings has created delicious specialty teas that add magic to every moment. The brand currently offers more than 90 flavorful varieties of herbal, green, black, wellness, rooibos and chai teas. Each blend is expertly crafted by our Blendmaster from the finest herbs, teas, spices and botanicals, and is presented in packaging adorned with beautiful artwork and inspiring quotes. 

For more information, visit or

Official Supplier – Bitty Foods

Bitty Cricket Flour make delicious foods with cricket flour, which is a tasty source of sustainable nutrition, packed with protein, healthy fats and micronutrients. They start with sustainably raised crickets, which are slow roasted to bring out their nutty, toasted flavor. Then, the crickets are milled into a fine flour that becomes the basis of their delicious, high-protein baked goods and baking mixes. 

Official Supplier – Edenworks

Edenworks grows leafy greens and fish in indoor aquaponic farms. Edenworks’ hyperlocal microgreen personal salads are presently available at Whole Foods Market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  

Official Supplier – Smallhold

Smallhold provides customers with contained-­environment vertical farm units that produce meaningful amounts of mushrooms, herbs, and leafy greens with minimal labor.  Smallhold customers receive deliveries of pre-grown produce consistently throughout the month, ensuring quality and quantity throughout the year. In addition, Smallhold operates the only mushroom farm in NYC and works with some of the best restaurants in the region. 

Official Supplier – Seed + Mill

Seed + Mill is all about sesame!  Seed + Mill takes these delicious and nutritious “super seeds” and makes a range of sesame-based products, including 30+ flavors of halva, 3 types of tahini and goat-milk tahini ice-cream served with crumbled halva and freshly milled tahini that earned us the 2017 Artisan of the Year award from Star Chefs.

Venue Partner – SECOND floor

The city’s newest event space in heart of Chelsea located on the second floor of the Hotel Eventi. This 9000 square foot event space boasts a glass-enclosed terrace with floor to ceiling open air accessible windows – the length of a full city block and overlooking a private park space also available for events. Custom made bars and reclaimed glass room partitions. Our space is designed with seven unique room configurations. Wow your guests with our innovative and interactive event options including our 30 foot digital billboard with instagram and photobooth pairing options! Private and exclusive entrance from Sixth Avenue.

Official Hotel – Hotel Eventi

Lately people have been doing a double-take at Kimpton Hotel Eventi. Total transformations will do that, even to New Yorkers. Encompassing an entire block, Kimpton Hotel Eventi’s artfully revamped ground floor features an eclectic-chic “living room” lobby, technology touches everywhere and a collection of cool new bars and restaurants run by famous chefs who know how to cook for the in-crowd. All inside a modern skyrise with floor-to-ceiling windows, stunning views and a coveted Chelsea location.

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