This post originally appeared on Food+Tech Connect on March 7, 2017. 

One-size-fit-all diets don’t work, which is why [FoodBytes! SF 2017 pitch company] SNPitty is looking crack the personalized nutrition code. Designed to help people loose weight and keep it off, the company sequences your DNA to develop a program that works best with your metabolism, delivers personalized, nutritionist-developed shakes and bars to your door and provides ongoing app-based, psychologist-designed coaching to help you overcome your cravings. The product is currently in Beta.

We spoke with SNPitty President Landon Steele [who pitched at FoodBytes! San Francisco on March 16]. Our interview is below and has been edited slightly for clarity.



Danielle Gould: What problem does your company solve?

Landon Steele: We solve the problems of weight-loss and weight maintenance. Obesity is an increasing pandemic and current approaches are not working. We take an ultra-personalized approach combining genetics, psychological profiling (food personality), personalized meal replacement, and neuroscientist developed coaching.


DG: Why is your team qualified to solve those problems?

LS: The founders have a personal passion for the product, having both had our own weight-loss and associated health journeys. We want to use science to make it easier for others. We are biotech and health-care veterans with experience building companies from the ground up. Tony has a PhD in molecular genetics, and Landon has a Master’s in biochemical engineering. Tony was most recently VP of Business Development at Solazyme (now TerraVia™), and Landon was COO and founder at a healthcare company that recently had a successful exit.

Our scientific advisory board are luminaries in their fields. We have connected the most progressive thinkers in this area to create a revolutionary solution to one of the world’s most intractable problems – how to lose weight and keep it off. Our business advisory board includes PR and marketing, software engineering, product design and business strategy.


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