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We’re excited to announce that Rabobank and RocketSpace have selected 14 startups across the food and agriculture industry to participate in the inaugural cohort for Terra, the Food + Ag Tech Accelerator. Terra is a first of its kind accelerator program bringing together the industry’s most disruptive startups and progressive corporations to fuel cross-industry innovation and set a new standard for food and agriculture. The cohort – with global representation from across five countries (Canada, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA) and industry sectors – kicks off today on RocketSpace’s tech campus in San Francisco.

Unlike traditional accelerators, Terra’s unique consortium model brings together a diverse group of industry leaders – both big and small – to explore and experiment with potential partnerships through a dedicated product validation program. Terra’s founders Rabobank and RocketSpace, along with Terra’s corporate collaborators – AgroFresh,  Beta San Miguel, Givaudan, Griffith Foods,  Grupo Azucarero Mexico/CULTIBA and OSI Group – selected the cohort from a competitive applicant pool of hundreds of startups from around the world. All selected have the potential to disrupt entire industries – not just introduce new products – with disruptive technologies addressing emerging industry opportunities from alternative protein sources to food safety innovations to soil diagnostics.

Terra’s inaugural cohort of startups are:

  1. Arc-net (Belfast, UK) is a unique cloud based blockchain and data analytics platform designed to track, authenticate and validate food from creation to consumption.
  2. Aromyx (Palo Alto, CA, USA) is moving taste and scent into the digital world.
  3. (San Francisco, USA) is an evidence-based monitoring and tracking platform that uses a consumers biometric data to optimize their wellness & supplement routine
  4. Blue Prairie Brands (Scottsbluff, NE, USA) is developing proprietary ingredient and finished products for use in the functional food and dietary fiber markets.
  5. Brio Agtech (Fresno, CA, USA) is the platform for collaborative agriculture.
  6. Chinova Bioworks (Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada) is using nature to preserve products the clean label way.
  7. Clear Labs (Menlo Park, CA, USA) helps global food brands innovate and fortify their food safety/quality programs, leveraging next-generation DNA sequencing technologies & data science.
  8. JuiceInnov8 (Bangkok,Thailand) develops a sugar reduction technology for juice producers to create less naturally occurring sugar & lower calories juice while maintaining 100% juice content without water diluted.
  9. H2HYDROPONICS (Nigran, Pontevedra, Spain) offers a completely different approach for growing plants in water through its patented H2hybrid system. An innovative and easy to use hydroponic system that reduces inputs and increases effectiveness.
  10. ImpactVision’s (Mountain View, CA, USA) mission is to build a more transparent and secure global food system, using hyperspectral technology
  11. Kuli Kuli (Oakland, CA, USA) is the first company to introduce moringa, a protein-rich green superfood, to the US market.
  12. mOasis (Union City, CA, USA) uses advanced, proprietary chemistry, to develop next-generation technologies, called Aquamers, that optimize water resources for maximized yields and water conservation.
  13. (Summit, NJ, USA) is creating the “Blockchain for Food” for the supply chain to provide radical transparency and value-added solutions for food producers, distributors and retailers.
  14. Trace Genomics (San Francisco, USA) uses genomics and machine learning to provide soil health and disease recommendations that optimize yield.

“What attracted us most to Terra is the opportunity to leverage the reach and expertise of a large corporation in order to deliver our core technology to a larger audience,” said Garrett Ruhland, CEO at “As a team, we are excited to minimize the time it takes to bring our product to market by utilizing corporate partners that can both use our technology and help us take it to the next level.”

Terra doesn’t require equity from its startups. All have a product in or ready to launch and a minimum of seed-funding, better positioning them for productive collaboration with corporate collaborators. 

Following the program’s kick off this week, startups will be able to sharpen their product and pitch during an eight-week tailored curriculum led by industry experts, followed by an eight-week product validation period. During the program, startups will have the unique opportunity to work from RocketSpace’s tech campus in downtown San Francisco, among our curated community of tech startups which has included 18 “unicorns” valued at $1B or more.

Industry corporations and startups – you can learn more about Terra here:

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