The Fast Pivot: How F&A Businesses Are Rapidly Innovating to Prepare for the New Economy


Wednesday 22 April at 5pm CEST/ 11am ET


FoodBytes! is bringing together corporate and startup thought leaders to explore an exceptionally pressing topic: how to pivot fast in the face of Coronavirus while fortifying your future business. Our speakers will share case studies, insights and tools, shedding light on how Food and Ag businesses across the value chain can be nimble and strategic.

Join us for the FoodBytes! webinar “The Fast Pivot: How F&A Businesses Are Rapidly Innovating to Prepare for the New Economy” on Wednesday, April 22, from 11am-12pm EST, 5pm CEST.

Topics include:

WHY pivoting is paramount: Robyn O’Brien of rePlant Capital explores the food system shortcomings this pandemic is exposing and ways in which F&A corporates can reframe them as opportunities
HOW corporates start the process: David Kidder of Bionic walks through successful examples and a roadmap for how corporates can fast track pivoting timelines
WHAT startups are doing to lead the charge: longtime FoodBytes! mentor Elliot Begoun of TIG on how startups positioned themselves for success by hitting fast forward when the rest of the industry hit pause
WHEN pivoting is the only option: Sean Daley of FoodBytes! alum Farmer’s Fridge on how, in the face of decreased airport and office sales channels, the startup pivoted to ramp up meals to healthcare workers and launched a DTC delivery business

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The views and opinions expressed during this webinar are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Rabobank or its affiliates. The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to, and does not, constitute legal, tax, investment, accounting, or other professional advice.

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