As part of the FoodBytes! Brooklyn experience, we are providing an “open mic” for anyone innovating with food or ag to share what they’re working on with the room.

So far, we’re thrilled to welcome the following companies who’ll be grabbing the mic for 60 seconds:

flatev – bringing the new standard of flatbread to the world. Our patented machine-technology is able to bake fresh tortillas out of a Keurig-like pod in under a minute. Our flatbread is organic and solely contains 6 natural ingredients to provide you the closest to home-made bread at your fingertips.
Lady Lexis Sweets – a confection shop in Harlem, serving cookies, candies, and cakes. We bake at our shop without any artificial flavors or preservatives.
Localize – a data company who works with grocers across North America to collect information about the locality, sustainability and responsibility of their food products. We’ve formulated a way for producers to share their stories, by helping grocers to showcase data that matters, allowing shoppers to make educated purchasing decisions. We believe empowering the people who create a product’s life cycle is the best way to drive social change.
Mercaris – providing market data and an on-line trading platform for agricultural commodities that are organic, non-GMO or otherwise “identity-preserved’.
MeWe, Inc. – a technology company that builds mobile software to help businesses easily manage and ensure food safety, quality and brand standards. Our team consists of law and technology experts who are passionate about simplifying food safety, quality, and health regulations and best practices. Our mobile application, which is called “CoInspect,” functions as a digital clipboard that simplifies complex rules and regulations in checklist format so that restaurants and food services providers can eliminate time-consuming (and inaccurate) paper and pencil methods of managing daily tasks.
Nom Noms World Food – a multi-award winning healthy and tasty two course ready meals brand for kids and grown-ups. We take our consumers on a taste adventure around the world – First stop North India, then South India, Malaysia, Morocco and Britain. All meals are made with no added salt, sugar, preservatives or additives. Instead each meal is bursting with flavour with authentic spice blends that gives each dish its own unique signature. Every meal purchased feeds a hungry child in India and we have served over 100,000 meals already to children attending Brijapur Primary school.
ProTings – delicious protein chips catering to health-conscious individuals looking to rethink the way they snack. Each 1.0 oz bag contains 15 grams of satiating protein and only 120 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 4 grams of net carbs! With a nutrition label like that, you’ll never need to worry about eating unhealthy chips again. Try all 4 flavors today!
Relief without a Prescription – Organic minerals that neutralize 90% of the acidity in food/beverages before you consume them. No taste or smell to change flavors or aromas.
Smart Lunches – a Boston-based early stage company that delivers tasty, nutritious lunches to the millions of children at the tens of thousands of schools, day cares, and summer camps that do not have on on-site lunch program. We partner with the school to allow parents to order lunches for their children and leverage local caterers to prepare those lunches fresh every day. We then pick up the lunches and deliver them to the school before the lunch period.
Solid Brands – a team of food business professionals brings fonio, a nutritional powerhouse ancient grain, to American tables as part of a dynamic brand. Fonio cooks up like instant, gluten free, whole grain, high fiber, low glycemic couscous, and it can be used to make cookies, crackers and more. With four organic harvests per year Fonio provides steady income for women’s cooperatives in West Africa all year long.
If you’re interested in participating in the 60 second pitches at FoodBytes! Brooklyn, purchase a ticketand sign up at the venue.  You’ve got 60 seconds. GO!

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