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Stay up-to-date on new companies and industry trends poised to revolutionize food and ag business. Join the connection hub powered by Rabobank’s deep network and unmatched industry expertise. 

“The Foodbytes hub aligns perfectly with our efforts in External Innovation, where we seek to engage with companies to shape the future of food through technology and innovation…we can customize alerts, request introductions, and have access 24/7 to search for new partners and opportunities as our areas of focus evolve.”

Liza Larson Director External Innovation Rich’s Products

Your eyes and ears in the market

Strong Network
Strong Network

Access our network through the Foodbytes online platform, backed by Rabobank, the world’s leading F&A bank

Expert Vetting
Expert Vetting

Our experienced team screens and tags each profile so you can quickly and easily discover verified startups.

Exclusive Content
Exclusive Content

Explore agrifood industry insights and reports, along with curated startup lists.

Create a profile

Corporate and investor users create a login to follow startups and stay up-to-date.

Access exclusive content

Stay up to date through a curated news feed filled with food and ag trends, featured startup lists and more.

Discover startups

Users can search by sector, location, development phase, needs and keywords to find potential partners.

Start collaboration

Connect with matching startups and begin growing a more sustainable food future.

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