2021 Event
12:45 pm - 6:00 pm
November 10, 2021
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FoodBytes! Pitch, Rabobank’s discovery and networking program that builds lasting connections between sustainable food and Ag startups, corporates and investors, is a multi-week virtual engagement spanning from mid-October through November.

We believe a diversity of products, people and ideas will drive the future of food and ag innovation, and our virtual offering aims to champion global cross-collaboration. Welcoming 45 startups from around the world, FoodBytes! Pitch consists of private mentorship sessions, one-on-one connections and media opportunities for selected startups and members throughout Mentor Week. Selected by an industry-leading panel of judges, 15 of the 45 startups advance to the final stage of the program – a live-streamed public pitch competition.


Anne Greven

Global Head of Food & Agri Innovation at Rabobank

Mary Shelman

Global Agribusiness Advisor

Nick Fereday

Executive Director, Food & Consumer Trends, Rabobank

Natasha Dhayagude

CEO, Chinova Bioworks

Mark Abrams

Managing Director, Equity Private Placements, Rabobank


Pitch 2021 Program Schedule

12:45 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Welcome & Kickoff with Rabobank’s Global Head of Food & Agriculture Innovation, Anne Greven

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

The Sweeter Side of Sugar: From Proteins to Plant Waste

Author and journalist Larissa Zimberoff delves into the $60B global market of sugar, discussing advancements with two FoodBytes! Alumni, Ali Wing Co-Founder of Joywell and Eran Baniel, Chairman of DouxMatok, plus Javier Sainz, Managing Director of SWTStevia on this 40 minute panel discussion, followed by 20 minutes of audience Q&A.

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM EDT

Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change: Solutions for a Rapidly Changing Landscape

Tom Philpott, Food & Ag correspondent for Mother Jones, discusses the quickly changing environment affecting the entire value chain and emerging solutions with panelists including Jamie Bacher of Boost Biomes, Jenny Filbey of Mazen Animal Health, and Ritu Thomas of Lamb Weston.

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Part 1 of FoodBytes! Pitch Competition: AgTech


4:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT

Part 2 of FoodBytes! Pitch Competition: CPG

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

Part 3 of FoodBytes! Pitch Competition: Food Tech

5:00 - 5:30 PM EDT

Judges Deliberation & Awards Ceremony

2021 Startups

We are thrilled to announce the 45 selected startups for this year’s global Pitch program (sorted by Agtech, CPG, then Food Tech)

3Bar Biologics - Agtech

3Bar Biologics is dedicated to improving farm yield, profitability, and sustainability using beneficial microbial products. 3Bar’s proprietary biomanufacturing and delivery method unleashes the potential for microbe technologies not available for commercial production until now.

AgriDigital - Agtech

AgriDigital is powering trust in global agri supply chains by combining inventory, data and finance. It is building the technology and financing infrastructure for the digital grain supply chain.

AgUnity - Agtech

AgUnity provides smallholder farmers and value chain stakeholders with a low-cost smartphone, pre-loaded with a digital transaction platform, designed to work in offline and low-bandwidth environments. This platform enables farmers to securely digitise transactions, increasing operational efficiency by replacing inefficient paper-based systems that are often subject to corruption and graft.

Aqua Development - Agtech

Aqua Development developed a new indoor aquaculture system for shrimp farming that is based on mimicking the natural ecosystem by implementing aquamimicry and mixo-trophics (culturing of several species in symbiosis).

BioLevel - Agtech

Biolevel has global ambitions to re-balance agriculture from Chemistry to Biology with robust, commercially proven, multi-strain, beneficial soil microbial products that do not require refrigeration and are fully scalable across all crop sectors, regulatory environments and application methods.

Greeneye Technology - Agtech

Greeneye utilizes artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to revolutionize the pest control process in agriculture, transitioning from the current practice of broadcast and wasteful spraying of pesticides to precise and selective spraying, reducing up to 90% of herbicide usage.

IGS Ltd. - Agtech

IGS is a vertical farming company born of innovation, bringing together a broad range of design and problem-solving talents. Its products are internationally recognised as best-in-class and repeatedly award-winning.

QualySense AG - Agtech

QualySense has invented the QSorter® technology, a sophisticated high-speed single-kernel robot, which measures the compositional and physical quality of each seed or grain at very high speed and sorts, from 30 to 3,000 per second. With this technology, companies can create high purity seeds, premium food or create reliable inspection processes.

Syocin - Agtech

Syocin is developing a synthetic biology platform for the redesign of natural existing biomolecules to precisely target plant bacterial pathogens that threaten world food availability.

SwineTech - Agtech

SwineTech is an ag tech company that offers unique tools to pork producers that enables a more efficient and effective farming operation - allowing its customers the ability to become more predictable and consistent in managing costs and maximizing revenues.

ThinkBio - Agtech

Thinkbio uses bacteria to deliver a sustainable form of nitrogen to agricultural crops, helping to drive productivity whilst reducing the quantity of synthetic fertilizer used in global crop production.

TranspiratiONal-SMB - Agtech

TranspiratiONal-SMB has developed an environmentally-friendly, sprayable biodegradable polymer membrane product that can help farmers produce more during harvest, on the same land area, while using less water, nutrients and agrochemicals.

Vytelle - Agtech

Vytelle is a precision livestock company reshaping how cattle producers optimize their herds. Its solutions reduce uncertainty to help producers make the most important mating and reproduction decisions.

Ārepa - CPG

Ārepa is abrainfood technology company working at the nexus between nature, neuroscience and food technology. With products currently available in beverage, capsule and powder form, Ārepa is on a mission to make brains work better and delay the onset of neurological decline.

AYO Foods - CPG

AYO, which translates to joy, exists to celebrate the flavors and ingredients of West Africa. The brand launched in July 2020 with frozen meals and hot sauces.

Down to Cook - CPG

Down to Cook creates plant-based food that are healthy and inclusive by designing products that elevate fresh vegetables to the center of your plate.

Fable Food - CPG

Fable Foods leverages the power of Shiitake mushrooms to create an all natural plant-based meat alternative with a mission to help end industrial animal agriculture.

Ginjan Bros - CPG

Ginjan Bros is a Harlem based beverage company that specializes in developing and bringing to market traditional African beverages, with a mission to make African flavors an integral part of global food culture.

Great Wrap - CPG

Great Wrap makes home compostable cling wrap from food waste. Working out of their solar powered factory in Australia, Great Wrap is working on the tech to put plastic out of business.

Hooray Foods - CPG

Hooray makes delicious plant-based meats that look, cook, and handle just like the real thing - like a plant-based bacon that's available all across the United States.

Lil Mixins - CPG

Lil Mixins' intuitive Daily Mix ensures that babies receive safe, properly sized servings of all the top food allergens. Recommended by over 4,000 pediatricians and allergists, Lil Mixins is stopping food allergies before they start.

Nubocha - CPG

Nubocha has created the first dairy-free, vegan, low sugar, delicious gelato crafted with the finest whole food and sustainably-sourced ingredients for people who care about their health and wellness, but don’t want to sacrifice sweet indulgences.

Plantcraft - CPG

Plantcraft is the world’s first clean-label, plant-based deli meat company that is offering plant-curious consumers delicious products to use in a wide range of dishes, from sandwiches to pepperoni pizza. Plantcraft’s products are all clean-label, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and free of all top 8 allergens.

Pricklee Cactus Water - CPG

Pricklee creates delicious Cactus Waters using real prickly pears, the superfruit of the cactus. Pricklee contains just ½ the sugar + ½ the calories of coconut water, and is packed with natural electrolytes + antioxidants.

Seconds - CPG

Seconds is on a mission to reduce food waste by creating a portfolio of delicious and healthy snacks utilizing upcycled veggies. Their first product line, Carrot Crackers, are made with upcycled juice pulp.

Ulu Hye - CPG

Ulu Hye offers a sustainable, yet healthy, solution to plant-based milk offerings. One small jar makes 10 litres of homemade mylk.

Upright - CPG

Upright creates plant-based goods to nourish the world, starting with their high-protein instant oat milk.

Your Food Collective - CPG

Your Food Collective brings local, sustainably grown food that’s carbon positive to your door, while also telling the story of the producers and why eating locally has the power to drive significant environmental change.

AgNext Technologies - Food Tech

AgNext solves the problem of trust and transparency in global food value chains using advanced data sciences. They have innovated and developed a full-stack integrated platform, Qualix, that can provide instant, on-site assessments for food quality and process monitoring across the value chains.

California Cultured - Food Tech

California Cultured is producing plant cell cultured chocolate starting with high value cocoa ingredients.

Cruz Foam - Food Tech

Cruz Foam is a bio-material technology company that produces certified compostable, protective packaging foam and other eco-friendly solutions that offer a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based products using the current supply chain. Cruz Foam is a mission-driven company creating impact at scale by empowering industry leaders to be the catalyst for a cleaner environment.

Done Properly - Food Tech

Done Properly was born in search of a solution to improve the way people eat. The company has developed bioprocessed ingredients through the technology of fermentation - offering best-in-class flavor enhancers and alt-protein solutions for global food manufacturers.

Galley Solutions - Food Tech

Galley takes the guesswork and hassle out of food production, raw material sourcing, and inventory tracking so that foodservice operators can save on costs, reduce waste, and spend more time on the work they love.

Kiinns - Food Tech

Kinns is a food-safety startup that invented a technology that completely eliminates cleaning processes in food production lines. Its technology prevents foodborne illnesses, saves lives and makes the environment cleaner and safer.

Lucent Biosciences - Agtech

Lucent Biosciences is an agtech company whose proprietary technology creates carbon-neutral and non-polluting fertilizers that do not tie-up in the soil but actually regenerate the land.

Marble Technologies - Food Tech

Marble Technologies is advancing food systems using AI, robotics, and process engineering to add resiliency to the agri-food supply chain. Starting with meat processing (specifically beef and pork) they are automating tasks to mitigate industry-wide labor shortages.

Nanomik Biotechnology - Agtech

Nanomik Biotechnology is developing a microencapsulation system that makes natural biomolecules durable and enables them to be used as biopesticides for crop protection in industrial agriculture.

Papkot - Food Tech

Papkot is a science and material innovation company whose mission is to change the packaging industry by cost-effectively replacing its plastic packaging with paper packaging - which is bio-sourced, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

Paragon Pure - Food Tech

Paragon Pure is inspired by nature to create genuine ingredients for delivering natural flavors, colors and nutrients into wholesome foods.

ProfilePrint - Food Tech

ProfilePrint is a food ingredient search engine platform powered by its patented A.I. fingerprint technology.

SoFresh Inc. - Food Tech

SoFresh solves food waste by keeping food fresh longer. Its natural, organic products will allow food producers, food wholesalers and food retailers to lengthen the travel life and overall shelf life of food without requiring refrigeration.

The Live Green Co. - Food Tech

The Live Green Co. has developed Charaka, an AI software that replaces the animal, synthetic and ultra-processed additives in our foods with 100% plant alternatives.

Xnext - Food Tech

Xnext is an intensive knowledge scale-up company that produces and develops the most advanced spectroscopic technology to perform in-line real-time identification: XSpectra®. In one millisecond, it is able to perform a chemical-physical analysis of each product inspected to identify any kind of defect or contaminant, even low-density foreign bodies otherwise undetectable.

2021 Members

This year’s FoodBytes! Pitch Members are a mix of influential global food and agriculture companies, investors and service providers.

Aqua Capital
BFG Partners
Bolthouse Farms
Cavallo Ventures
CGC Ventures
Endurance Investments
General Mills
Germin8 Ventures
Grupo Azucarero Mexico / SWT
Grupo Bimbo
Grupo Nutec
Herbalife Nutrition
Holland & Hart
Hormel Foods
iSelect Fund
JBT Corporation
Morrison Foerster
Propeller Industries
R.D. Offutt Company
S2G Ventures
Schreiber Foods
Step Two Advisors
Supply Change Capital
Tate & Lyle

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