Driven by our mission to foster efficient, collaborative innovation, Foodbytes will be exploring several critical themes shaping F&A innovation throughout the year. Our aim is to publish a summary of our findings, along with a watchlist of the most promising startups working in that field, on a monthly basis.

Below are key focus areas, and segments ripe for innovation. 

 Robotics & Automation from Field to Factory 

  • Operational efficiency 
  • Worker safety 
  • Labor challenge reduction 
  • Collaborative robots 
  • Shared decision making tools

Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS)

  • Layered, hardware agnostic solutions 
  • Edge computing in-field sensing 
  • Integration with downstream technologies  

Global Flavors & Ingredient Supply Chains 

  • Proliferation of biodiverse diets and ecosystems 
  • Consumer connection to regenerative agriculture   

Food Loss & Waste Reduction

  • Kitchen measurement, dynamic pricing 
  • Upcycling  
  • On-farm post-harvest solutions 
  • Emission reduction through food loss reduction 

Next Generation Nutrition

  • Molecular farming 
  • New fermentation frontiers 
  • Alternative fats, salts, sugars 
  • Scaling up of cellular agriculture 

Transparency & Data Sharing

  • Automated marketplace technologies  
  • Operational AI models 
  • Financial market access 

Sustainable Packaging

  • Recycling improvement  
  • New reuse business models 
  • Bio materials and fiberization 

Carbon Management

  • Mitigation 
  • Drawdown tech technologies that sequester carbon 
  • Carbon farming 
  • Farm inputs that combat carbon emissions 
  • Animal Feed / Consumer food ingredients that reduce carbon  
  • Measurement 
  • Automated soil comp and carbon measurement tools 
  • Certification / gold standards 
  • Industry standardization 

Logistics from Field to Plate 

  • Delivery & cold storage;
  • Autonomous workforces 
  • Dynamic pricing tech 
  • Nutrient score 
  • Shrink reduction & food waste mitigation

Stay tuned for more on these F&A innovation topics throughout the year.