Our Pilot program offers

Industry validation, accelerated growth and strategic corporate relationships.
Test applications of technologies, products and strategies in partnership with startups matched to your innovation objectives.

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Program Breakdown

Through FoodBytes! Pilot, corporates and startups work together to tackle a specific goal or industry challenge over a 6-9 month period. Pilot offers a low-risk experimentation platform for corporates to validate new technologies and requires C-Suite engagement to ensure swift and meaningful startup collaboration. For startups, the program provides industry validation, and accelerated growth through access to corporate resources. Pilot outcomes include product co-development, commercial partnerships, licensing agreements, new customer relationships and investment.

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Facilitated engagement with a structured
pilot approach

  1. Corporate launch

    Discovery and innovation objective alignment

  2. Startup matching

    Sourcing and onboarding

  3. Pilot Execution

    Validation and implementation

Proven results to galvanize change deep within
the organization

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The power of this program is the new data points that have myth-busted and added to our data sets. It definitely has input into our portfolio of investments moving forward, and to get that insight in 3-4 months is a powerful tool.

Michael Lee


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FoodBytes! Pilot helped us move our product forward and we’ve [generated] between $2-3M savings to date in one particular optimization for our collaborator GrainCorp.

Anthony Howcraft

Swarm Engineering

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Everyone wants to get involved in innovation, but this a place for corporates, VCs and startups to all work together in a collaborative ecosystem and I'm really happy to be a part of it.

Michael Lavin


Collaboration Outcomes


Mergers & Acquisitions


Venture Investing


Joint Ventures








In-kind Investment

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