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Pulp Addiction: Pulp Pantry Upcycles Juicing Remnants into Sweet and Savory Snacks

If you’ve ever tried your hand at home juicing — or watched a local spot make you juice to order — you probably noticed that a lot of pulp gets left behind. Some larger juiceries have partners that can take the pulp to use for animal feed or compost, but many smaller juiceries end up just throwing it away since they don’t have the resources to get it to farmers.

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Buffalo-based SomaDetect pulls in investment from Dairy Farmers of America

As strategic investors go, it doesn’t get much better than this. Buffalo-based SomaDetect has received an investment from the Dairy Farmers of America, a farmer-owned dairy cooperative based in Kansas City, Kanas, that serves more than 14,500 family farmers. Earlier this year, SomaDetect participated in the Kansas City, Missouri-based Sprint Accelerator, of which DFA is a sponsor.

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Tech Pitch: ImpactVision

The co-founder of the start-up transforming food inspection offers a quick glimpse into tech innovation, investment, and involvement with Rabobank’s FoodBytes! competition

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Unilever teams with big banks on blockchain for supply chain

Over the summer, more than a dozen food companies and retailers — including Walmart, Nestle and Tyson Foods, and motivated by tech giant IBM — formed a consortium dedicated to using blockchain technology to gather better information on the origin and state of food.

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Sugarlogix is Manufacturing the Best Components of Human Breast Milk from Sugar

Sugarlogix is a biotech startup based in Berkeley, CA attempting to distill some of the most prized nutritional qualities of human breast milk from simple table sugar. The company is looking to improve infant formula with a particular milk sugar that has no flavor, but enhances the immune system, promotes gut health, and reduces inflammation. Sugarlogix co-founder and CEO Kulika Chomvong pitched the company at FoodBytes! Austin last month and won the People’s Choice award. Before pitching at FoodBytes!, Sugarlogix was part of biotech accelerator IndieBio’s Spring 2017 cohort.

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Ask Addie: What is coffee flour and how do I use it?

This company dries out the fruit, or cherry, of the coffee plant and then they turn it into a powder that’s a mix between a flour and a spice. This fruit has nearly as much antioxidants as blueberries, and it also has some fiber and other good-for-you-nutrients.

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Solving the world’s food crisis one pitch at a time [podcast]

Rabobank is leading the charge in trying to solve four dimensions of global food security (avalbilty, access, nutrition and stability) by leading the search for the most innovative food and ag tech start-ups. The FoodBytes! pitch competition puts game-changing startups together with investors and industry leaders to pioneering a better future. In-studio guests: Paula Savanti of Rabobank, Mike Annunziata CEO/Co-Founder of Natural Cuts, and Bruce Rasa CEO of AgVoice, the Judges’ Choice Winner.

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