Sugarlogix is a biotech startup based in Berkeley, CA attempting to distill some of the most prized nutritional qualities of human breast milk from simple table sugar. The company is looking to improve infant formula with a particular milk sugar that has no flavor, but enhances the immune system, promotes gut health, and reduces inflammation. Sugarlogix co-founder and CEO Kulika Chomvong pitched the company at FoodBytes! Austin last month and won the People’s Choice award. Before pitching at FoodBytes!, Sugarlogix was part of biotech accelerator IndieBio’s Spring 2017 cohort.

We caught up with Chomvong to learn more about Sugarlogix’s product and how and when it will head to market.

Pulp Addiction: Pulp Pantry Upcycles Juicing Remnants into Sweet and Savory Snacks

October 22, 2018 2018 Press, Alumni Press

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