If you’ve ever tried your hand at home juicing — or watched a local spot make you juice to order — you probably noticed that a lot of pulp gets left behind. Some larger juiceries have partners that can take the pulp to use for animal feed or compost, but many smaller juiceries end up just throwing it away since they don’t have the resources to get it to farmers.

One company is trying to give juicing “waste” a second life. Founded in 2015, Pulp Pantry turns fiber-rich pulp into grain-free granola bites in flavors like Cinnamon Toast and Cacao Crunch. Each bag is 50% juicing pulp, which the company dries and grinds to a powder before making it into their snacks. A 5-ounce bag retails for $8.99 and is available on their website and Amazon, as well as in 40 brick-and-mortar retailers.

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