Farm Weekly, Perth, AU: Farm organizer the People’s Choice winner


AGRIWEBB is a farm management software company helping farmers to simplify their record keeping and make data-driven decisions with their tool, the AgriWebb NoteBook.

AgriWebb was recently selected as one of only eight finalists to attend the Rabobank Foodbytes competition in Sydney. Competing against other incredible start-ups, AgriWebb was thrilled to have been voted the People’s Choice Award winner.

Congratulations as well to Sprout Kitchens, a kitchen space-sharing app, wining top honours on the day – the Foodbytes Judges prize. The agricultural industry has been well represented at other prestigious events in past months including the Tech 23 competition in Sydney.

AgriWebb, Agalytics and Agersens were all invited to attend and pitch to the captivated audience of investors and industry leaders. Tech23 is a forum that “brings together investors, entrepreneurs and innovators, providing much-needed support to the start-ups that are tackling big problems and creating solutions that will change our world”.

As the consensus winner of the Tech23 competition, AgriWebb took home the top award of the day, CSIRO’s Data 61 Digital Disruption

Award, as well as the People’s Choice Award voted on by all those in attendance.

AgriWebb’s Notebook allows farmers to simply, easily and best of all offline, collect on-farm data and provide this data in useful, useable reports that assist in the day-to-day management decisions made on-farm.

The awards won by AgriWebb, Agalytics, Agersens and Automed represent the very real advantages today’s farmer can grab hold of to increase production, profitability and overall health of farming operations all across Australia.

AgriWebb and its farm management app the NoteBook are now well represented and ready to properly serve the farmers of WA. AgriWebb’s newest business development manager Jamie Lawrence is stationed just outside Perth and is ready to help the farmers of WA start farming smarter with the NoteBook.









































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