The Bottom Line (Air Date: February 14, 2017) – How do you launch a sustainable food revolution? Perhaps it requires a good story, and lots and lot of crickets.

When Pat Crowley realized he could make a better energy bar using “cricket flour” for protein, he knew he’d encounter the ick factor. Eating bugs simply doesn’t appeal to Americans. But he knew a lesson could be taken from the introduction of sushi to American taste buds in the 1970s. He knew he had to acknowledge people’s fear of eating bugs, before they would overcome it and take the first bite.

Crowley talks with host Doug Wells about how he went from being a surf and whitewater raft guide to an entrepreneur who aims to create an entirely new food category. He is driven by his concern for our ability to conserve fresh drinking water in the future, and he says how we raise animals for protein is a big part of the problem. Crowley shares how he meticulously strategized to re-introduce crickets – an ancient food source – into our diets, with Chapul.

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