For decades grocery stores imagined that shoppers only wanted unblemished fruits and vegetables. Some of these stores now know better, but perfection remains the standard, which has created an opportunity for companies peddling funky-looking (and potentially healthier) fruits and veggies.

Into this void has stepped companies like Imperfect Produce, which just opened in L.A. It takes the “ugly” fruits that grocery stores don’t want and delivers them to your door.

All the fruit is promised as fresh and safe to eat, its only flaw being the way it looks. Imperfect Produce currently delivers to the Bay Area and several neighborhoods in L.A.

Boxes of fruits and vegetables are priced anywhere from $11-$43.

CPG brands need to front the costs to overhaul the food system, but consumers will pay in long term

March 05, 2021 2020 Press, Press

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