The 2017 edition of ITEXPO has come and gone and, from my perspective, it was easily one of the best I’ve seen since our first Ft. Lauderdale show back in 2006. It’s clear the business communications and tech space is anything but stagnant.  Rather, innovation and evolution continue to pace the market and open doors to new opportunities.  Now, it’s a question of who will take advantage and build on these trends, some emerging and others continuing.  There were countless highlights each day of the show – too many to mention all at once – but here are a few that stood out as common themes throughout, including cloud computing, data growth and analytics, and mobility.

Wireless Industry Association CEO and former FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein opened the keynotes with a discussion that effectively paved the way for much of the conversation topics to follow the rest of the week, noting that the challenge we are facing today is the need for more wireless infrastructure to meet the demand created by the growth in wireless connections, between people and people, people and machines and, of course, machines and machines.  Without the infrastructure, the data can’t move seamlessly the way it needs to.

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CPG brands need to front the costs to overhaul the food system, but consumers will pay in long term

March 05, 2021 2020 Press, Press

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