Brock Shepherd is begging us to reconsider what food we throw away.

The Toronto chef is the head organizer of Trashed and Wasted, a rescued-food dining experience at Wychwood Barns on Wednesday, March 1. It is part of a collaborative effort from local distillers, brewers and chefs to raise awareness on the issue of food waste.

“In every aspect of this event, we want to make people realize that everything’s got a bit more of a life than you think,” he said. “There’s so much work to do to raise awareness. Restaurants can be leaders in that.”

An estimated $31-billion worth of food is wasted by Canadians annually, according to a 2014 report. Of that, 47 per cent is wasted in the home.

Trash and Wasted was open to the public. The all-inclusive, $50 ticket got you eats and drinks from nine different food and drink vendors, who made dishes using typically discarded ingredients. The objective is to open people’s minds to what they, personally, can save from the trash and to rethink what they can use in the kitchen.

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