Karen Christensen

Karen Christensen

Regional Vice President, Whole Foods Market NorCal & Reno

Karen is the Regional Vice President of Whole Foods Market’s Northern California & Reno region. This territory is home to some of the most abundant and beautiful farms in the nation. It’s a great fit because her career has had a heavy focus on bringing the best fruits & veggies to market.

She exited college from the San Francisco Arts Institute. As is the way with college, there were loans to be repaid upon graduation. Her first post-grad job involved unloading watermelons from a semi-truck. For her efforts she was sometimes paid in mangos. As delicious as that compensation may have been, she moved on to full time work at a local organic wholesaler.

The next move up the career ladder landed her the first of many gigs at Whole Foods Market. She started as a Regional Produce Buyer and quickly made her way to roles like Regional Produce Coordinator, Global Produce Buyer, and Global Produce Coordinator. She excelled in each of these jobs because of her true passion for produce. In fact, she has travelled extensively, visiting producers all over the world.

After 18 years with the company, Karen is now one of the most successful and respected VPs in the company. She still obsesses over the season’s crops, but makes time for running, biking, drawing (that degree has its uses), reading, and a few other crafts. She looks forward to a bright and blooming future wherever the world’s crops take her next.