The Weekly Spoon: Grocery Tech Exploding; Zest Labs Sues Walmart; Apeel Raises $70M

In the immortal words of Bob Dylan: “The times they are a-changin’.” I like to think that he wrote that lyric specifically about the grocery world, which is rapidly transforming thanks to the influence of technology like e-commerce, blockchain, and AI. (Just me?)

But seriously, we’re not the only ones who think so. This week grocery giant Albertsons teamed up with venture capital firm Greycroft to make a $50 million fundintended for investment in the grocery retail sector. Chris Albrecht wrote that this move was “a much needed move for Albertsons to keep up with its high-tech competition.” (*Cough* Amazon, *cough* Walmart, *cough* Kroger.)

Speaking of Kroger, they’re no slouch in the grocery innovation department. In fact, they just launched Kroger Ship, a direct to consumer e-commerce platform geared primarily towards non-perishable stuff like cereal and cleaning supplies. Pair that with Kroger Delivery, its 2-hour delivery partnership with Instacart, plus the chain’s investment in grocery-packing robots and self-driving vehicles, and Kroger just might be the one to watch in the grocery supremacy Battle Royale. Order your popcorn now.