Read more on FoodBytes! alum @EVO_foods & their recently announced partnership with @Ginkgo "to create and scale animal-free egg proteins through precision fermentation."

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@FoodBytes! by Rabobank is seeking startups in food tech and #agritech that are:
🌱building more efficient food systems from the ground up
🌱optimizing food production decisions
🌱 improving full value chains.

Apply by May 31:
French seafood startup SEAFOOD REBOOT, a spin-off of FoodBytes! alum @algamafoods, announces it has completed a €3.2M pre-seed round for its #algae-based alt #seafood, less than six months after it was founded.

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FoodBytes! alum @NovoNutrients announced successful production of protein from carbon dioxide, with quality virtually identical to beef - "beef-quality protein, without the cow." #FoodTech