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Frequently Asked Questions

How can corporates derive value from the Foodbytes platform?

Interested corporates and investors can subscribe to Foodbytes to optimize their innovation process and find the right startups for their unique business needs faster. Through Foodbytes, subscribers can gain access to exclusive, vetted and verified global startups and industry-focused knowledge.

Corporates should look at Foodbytes as a tool for discovering efficient innovation – a hub that takes the guesswork out of the process and not only serves up pre-vetted startups, but consistently keeps them one-step ahead of the curve in terms of trends, insights and industry-drivers.

What do corporates and investors get with their paid subscription?

Access to Foodbytes is competitively priced starting at $10K for an annual subscription for up to four users. With that, corporate and investor subscribers will:

  • Be able to create and save specific searches to track new startups in a specific sector or market.
  • Bookmark startups by adding them to their watchlist to track progress, announcements, fundraising updates, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Have access to a centralized dashboard with insights, reports, and targeted startup lists.
  • Create a profile that shares collaboration ambitions, key challenges, and investment possibilities.

And this is just the beginning – Foodbytes will be launching new features throughout the year.

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