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How does Foodbytes vet startups, and what do the badges mean?

The Foodbytes team brings Rabobank’s sector expertise to the online platform through vetting labels. Rabobank experts evaluate each startup profile using specific criteria and award labels to differentiated, commercially relevant solutions. These labels are displayed within startup profiles and are also readily searchable by potential partners using the platform. Up-to-date and enriched profiles increase the likelihood of receiving vetting labels. 

  • Our Foodbytes Alumni distinction is given to an exclusive set of startups that have been thoroughly vetted by Rabobank analysts and industry partners and maintain close connectivity with the Foodbytes team.
  • Our second label, the Spotlight Badge, denotes a startup that has been evaluated through a lens of commercial readiness, impact and profile depth.
Why will Foodbytes not select a list of top startups, or winners, for the year?

In the past, Foodbytes scouted for and selected “winning” startups through cohort-driven programs each year. Enabled by this new online hub, Foodbytes is expanding our reach and creating a centralized place for all food & ag innovators to connect continuously as they scale. Users of the new online connection hub will have ongoing access to invaluable content from our experts, including: regular trend forecasting, industry drivers, regular thematic reports, sector specific outlooks and curated startup lists (for premium subscribers only).

How do innovative startups get involved and maximize their experience?

Foodbytes is a tool aimed to alleviate many pain points startups regularly face in their growth journey.

Startups from around the world are now able to set up a profile for free to efficiently increase their exposure to potential partners and funders, all in one place.

Startups will be able to showcase their technology, current traction, fundraising stage, future milestones, impact and timely investment and collaboration opportunities. By updating their profiles with the latest insights, startups can notify users who are tracking their progress. They will also have the chance to potentially be featured in Foodbytes-driven insight reports and/or curated lists.

What’s the incentive to participate?

Foodbytes is a tool aimed to alleviate many pain points startups regularly face in their growth journey, such as difficulty in communicating their value proposition in a way that corporates understand, managing collaboration expectations within corporate culture, and difficulty in making the right connections with the innovation decision-makers within large corporate organizations. For startups, Foodbytes will act primarily as a tool for exposure, allowing them the opportunity to properly introduce their companies to a global audience of dialed-in corporates and investors to make meaningful connections.

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